for Pancreatic Cancer Canada




The task was to create a concept of a social campaign for Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The goal was to increase the awareness of Pancreatic Cancer during the month of November. 

Shown on social media plaftorms (Facebook&Instagram).


Week 1 : Who am I?

In week one, I’ve decided to create visuals and messages from the perspective of the cancer. I wanted to catch the attention and give some information to the audience without them knowing exactly what it means. Messages like “I like your back” or “I’m itchy” are showing the symptoms of the cancer.


Week 2:  What do I feel like?

Because Pancreatic Cancer is very hard to catch, in many cases, people are not aware that they have it until it’s too late. My goal was to encourage everyone to go to the doctor, even though the symptoms don’t seem to be serious. “Too busy” to check yourself, “Too tough” to admit that your stomack hurts and it might be something serious, “Too scared” to admit that something might be wrong. 

Week 3:  Here I am.

This week is focused on the families of the patient. Dealing with the sickness doesn’t affect only a person who has cancer. It’s  a very difficult experience for everyone around.

Week 4:  Next steps.

This is the week with support to the patient, the family, with facts, resources and messages of hope and survivor stories and encouraging people to donate and help.

8% : survival rate

2% : cancer fundings go to pancreatic cancer

12% : every 12 minutes, someone in North America dies from pancreatic cancer


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